How to submit a paper

How to submit a paper


1.   Any new user has to register by pressing NEW USER REGISTRATION button 

2.  After the button is pressed, the user will see the form which requires the user’s information for registration.

3. The user has to fill in to complete the form. Then press REGISTER button.

4. After press the button, the message of “Thank you for registering. You will receive the email shortly.” will appear.

5. The process will take 1 day to make your account to be activated and the user will get the email to confirm that the user’s account for paper submission is activated, as shown picture.

6. The user is then able to visit weec2019 website, click on menu of Call for Paper / Submit paper in order to use the account which is email and password he/she used in registration to log in for an access to the dashboard.

7. At the dashboard, there is a menu of +New Abstract which is used for submit a paper.